Inventor: Plauson Hermann; Original Assignee: Plauson Hermann; Priority date H PLAUSON CONVERSION OF’ATMOSPHE’R IC ELECTRIC ENERGY v. Conversion of atmospheric electric energy. United States Patent Inventors: Hermann, Plauson. Application Number: USA. Publication Date. Hermann Plauson was an Estonian engineer and inventor. Plauson investigated the production of energy and power via atmospheric electricity. Biography.

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The collection of atmospheric electricity is thereby not only increased but an alternating field may be easily produced in the collector network. This invention relates to that type of motor in which rotation is produced by means of the attraction and repulsion of surfaces carrying charges of electricity. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Dr Jefimenko carried out experiments on driving electrostatic motors from the Earth’s electric field in the s and has recently called for research into the neglected field of electrostatic motors to be renewed.

The withdrawal wire or working wire is connected at 12 and 13, but current may be taken by means of a hsrmann coil which is firmly or movable mounted in any suitable way inside the large collector coil, i. The greatest possible effect in collecting may be obtained by polonium amalgams and the like.

Hermann Plauson

Thus in the primary circuit electromagnetic oscillations are formed by the passage of the spark over the spark gap and these waves are maintained by fresh charges of static electricity.

On the other hand the number of ions passing through the grid is dependent herrmann the voltage between the grid and the cathode.

In practice of course not two poles but as many poles as possible would be employed because thereby the number of alternations would e considerably increased. The conductor from the aerial leads to the ground station; quite an elaborate description is given of the net-work which the patentee proposes to have covered with needle points.


As may be seen from the drawings all these poles 17, 22, 19, 24 may be interconnected in parallel through a second annular conductor without any fear that plasuon the principle of the free pole connection will be injured. A cable L is carried well insulated through the cover of a vessel and ends in a condenser disc 5.


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The inductive earth pole is also connected with a second ring 10 from which again two, poles 1a and 2a are branched off. The main difference consists in that in addition to the connecting conductor I another annular conductor II is inserted parallel to the former on the high voltage masts in the air or embedded as a cable in the earth but both in te form of a coil.

Of course for this the special vacuum Liebig tubes wit or without grids may also be employed.

From this annular conductor four wires run over four further electromagnets Sa, Sb, Hermqnn, Sd, to the connecting point Instead of the ordinary round balloons, elongated cigar shaped ones may be employed. On connecting up the condenser circuit 11 this is charged over the spark gap f whereby an oscillatory discharge is formed.

It was then further found that if slots or notches be cut in the metal surfaces of the stator and rotor in the form of a spiral, not only was a higher useful effect possible, but also an easier starting and even a regulation could be obtained.

Hermann Plauson – Wikipedia

Insider there are eight strong vertical ribs of T-shaped section about 10 to 20 mm in height and about 3 mm in thickness with the projecting part directed inwards indicated by a, b, c, d and so forth ; they are riveted together to form a firm skeleton and are stiffened in a horizontal direction by two cross ribs.

The ribs are further connected with one another internally and transversely by means of thin steel wires, whereby the balloon obtains great power of resistance and elasticity.

Of course in similar manner any suitable number of poles may be branched of. Conversion of Atmospheric Energy. From a low level 5m high simple zinc antenna we are able to obtain sufficient charge to light a number of white power LEDs. The high frequency current produced in the primary circuit 9 excite by induction in the secondary circuit 10 currents of the same periodicity.


This is done by bell shaped enlargements which expand downwards, being arranged in the tower in the form of high voltage insulators of Siamese pagodas. The size of the balloon is selected so that the actual weight of the balloon and the weight of the conducting wire is supported thereby.

Beyond the brushes the conductor is divided, the paths being: With a large diameter of the spiral it is possible to connect large surfaces and thereby to take up also large quantities of energy. The points may be of copper, steel, or some hard metallic alloy.

Two of these batteries 16 and 18 are made as plate condensers and prolonged by regulating induction coils or spirals 17 and 19 while the two others 21 and 23 are induction condensers. He says that on the Finland plains he carried out experiments with a balloon made of aluminum leaf with collecting needles of amalgamated zinc with a radium preparation as an ionizer.

A is plwuson vertical aerial or aerial network.

Hermann H. Plauson – NuEnergy

If however, the capacity of the condenser surfaces be increased, which capacity in the above mentioned case was equal to that of the collecting surface of the balloon aerials, to double the amount, by connecting the condenser batteries with only one pole, the voltage rises under an equal hsrmann of current up to and beyond volts.

Between the electromagnets S 1 and S 2 at the crossing point 13, four condenser batteries are introduced which are only indicated diagrammatically in the drawings each by one condenser.

So, deciding to go….