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There were some interesting side-characters, the sylvari Killeen being a fresh perspective with her Grove-based knowledge and innocent honesty, which could be brutal at times towards the human ethics. But they did it so easy, their enemies fell too quick, and I couldn’t feel ANY building of tension. But that’s a personal issue, I figure!

Guild Wars 3 books. Jan 06, Camilla Hansen rated it liked it Shelves: Even though this book contains a great amount of peril and unhappiness, it all ends on a wonderful note. If you haven’t played either of the Guild Wars games, this may not be as easy to follow. Dec 08, Frances Vermeulen rated it really liked it. Guild Wars saved my life. It was ok I suppouse. Surprisingly, this book was not the best among them in my honest opinion, though individual aspects may have been better than in the others.

Thank you, ye mighty Guild Wars! Among many other details, the book tells about both sides of the war from the rival humans and charr. The actual story, however, was just ok. Throughout the book, I had askslonu type of connection to each, individual character.

It is not as rich in emotion as e. Reading the book made me consider playing races I wouldn’t have previously thought about. Aug 16, Maria Patenaude askalonuu it it was amazing.


The female characters did not fare well in this story as well, which sort of put me off a bit. Having a little knowledge about the game made it really easy to visualize the characters, hear their voic Ghosts dychy Ascalon is a tie-in novel that came out while Guild Wars 2 was still in production.

I did simply not care enough for the characters for the most part. Desperate to defend his land from advancing hordes of bestial charr, King Adelbern summoned the all-powerful Foefire to repel the invaders. One of my favorite battles is towards the beginning, when they face the giant and almost fail to beat him. I recommend this book to those who have have played Guild Wars 2 and to those w Guild Wars: Let’s just say he’s not the nicest or most reasonable man that ever lived.

Guild Wars Duchy Askalonu

Plus it was like five bucks. There is apparently a sequel book, and I’m considering picking it up because there is definitely more of this story that could be told.

ducuy I can find most of the places mentioned in this book within the game, and that’s really unique for storytelling. Either way it was hot. And so many people died, ugh, I’m sad now. I’m sure even Hemingway would seem fantastical when read in such a context. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Ghosts of Ascalon

It was just a lot of fun. But magic can be a double-edged sword—the Foefire burned both charr and human alike.

But the characters had to breach into the city full of ghosts, through legions of Charrs and whole journey was supposed to be hard and impossible. I brought Shadow of the Colossuswhich I hadn’t played at the time, and Jak 3which I’ve been trying to beat since I was 10 years old. And Bruce Lee is awesome. Even though I am still craving for more, I still feel quite content about how the story ended.

  EN 13480-3 PDF

The norn is still somewhat a mystery to me, although I can see their reasoning for why he joins them, I still consider it a bit weak. I enjoyed the dialogue and the witty banter, and found myself drawn to the main character Dougal Keane and especially to Kranxx the Asura. So now I am somewhat obligated to write this man’s biography.

The mission holds some importance lore-wise, which throughout the book gives way for lore-dumping, in the good way, leading you through events and details in the lore that are supplementing the original knowledge one may have had before reading the novel. I foolishly thought that it would be set in the past of Tyria, and that I would get to read about the fall of King Adelberg from his own eyes.

Feb 16, Kastarnia Kozal rated it really liked it. Other books in the series.

Duchy Askalonu –

This book, by far, was one of the best books I askaponu read. My favorite writers always show, not tell. Which in turn, I think, made me into a better, smarter person, and also introduced me to many more interests and fascinations. Despite that, I was able to enjoy the book.

Instead, I got a tale of adventure where a group is charged with the task of storming Ascalon City to re More like 3. Thanks for telling us about the problem.